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OOPS! (OntOlogy Pitfall Scanner!) helps you to detect some of the most common pitfalls appearing when developing ontologies.

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Detecting common pitfalls in ontologies

Modelling ontologies has become one of the main topics of research within ontological engineering because of the difficulties it involves. Developers must tackle a wide range of difficulties and handicaps when modelling ontologies that can imply the appearance of anomalies or errors in ontologies. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the ontologies in order to detect those potential problems.

In this sense, OOPS! helps you to detect some of the most common pitfalls appearing within ontology developments. For example, OOPS! warns you when:

  • The domain or range of a relationship is defined as the intersection of two or more classes. This warning could avoid reasoning problems in case those classes could not share instances.
  • No naming convention is used in the identifiers of the ontology elements. In this case the maintainability, the accessibility and the clarity of the ontology could be improve.
  • A cycle between two classes in the hierarchy is included in the ontology. Detecting this situation could avoid modelling and reasoning problems.
  • And many other problems described in the catalogue.

How to cite OOPS!

Poveda-Villalón, María, Asunción Gómez-Pérez, and Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa. "OOPS!(Ontology Pitfall Scanner!): An on-line tool for ontology evaluation." International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS) 10.2 (2014): 7-34.


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Have a look at OOPS! results for the DBpedia 3.8 and AKT Reference Ontology (Portal Ontology) ontologies.

Please, help us making OOPS! better. Feedback is more than welcome and you can also suggest new pitfalls!

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